Construction Of High Rise Buildings And The Precautions

The vast population in the major cities and towns has become leading cause for the construction of multi storey buildings. Due to the lack of space in these places, people adopted new methods of construction and implemented the construction of high rise apartments and commercial spaces. The previous generations have the knowledge to construct multiple levels only up to three or four floors. The entire development process of any building can depend on the architect’s knowledge and the materials, equipment’s and tools used in the process. The time required for constructing a building can rely on the factors like

• Budget assigned for the construction

• Raw materials provided in time

• Manpower supplied

• Quality and efficient work tools

• Dynamic resources

• Perfect climatic conditions

The important element that can play a vital role in the development process is the detail planning about various aspects like:

• Time estimate of the project

• Budget details

• Quality and efficiency

• Safety measures

• Other requirements

The entire process of construction is similar to the course of manufacturing a product and safely hand overing it to the end user. It can be very important to decide the technology used and also the resources required along with the duration for accomplishing the individual tasks. Using different types of latest tools and equipment in building such high rise constructions can be beneficial for the project. The crane shovels, foot rollers, roof access ladders, hammers, wrenches, staple guns, and drills, etc. can be used for various purposes in the construction process. At the same time, it should be important to have a skilled man who can have the experience in using such latest tools and machinery used in this process.

The workers have to work at the heights and because of this reasons they have to follow the precautions and measures necessary for their safety. The builder has to approach the concerned authorities for all the permissions required in building such high rise towers. The fire and security departments, sewage board, environmental agencies and all other departments involved in providing the necessary documents should get satisfied with the work commencing. The usage of the advanced equipment’s can help the people to reduce the cost consumption in the construction process. The technicians who can operate such equipment’s or machinery should have well trained or else the experienced professionals.

The construction companies employ the resources that can have experience in working with such massive projects. The tower cranes used in the construction sites are very dangerous as they can lift the heavy weighed materials on to the top floors. Everyone should take all necessary measures while working with such machinery. The roof access ladders can help the worker to reach the roofing edges, and they have to be very careful while working in the exteriors. The arrangement of fire extinguishers should be mandatory in the required areas.

Article by Leo Brochu

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